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Datura Home Central Park: 10155 E 29th Dr. Suite 140, Denver 80238
Datura Home 9+CO: 4065 E. 8th Place, Denver 80220


Our Shops

Established in 2017, Datura Home specializes in houseplants & pots, home accessories, jewelry, unique gifts and personal bath & body products.

Our staff is trained extensively on houseplant care and provides a broad, knowledgeable resource for indoor plant care in Denver.

At Datura Home, our philosophy is simple: we strive for success as an innovative, original and inspiring community shop that stimulates the senses and creates an exciting, creative and immersive environment experience.


What You’ll Find

Houseplants that thrive in the Denver environment including a large selection of air plants, lucky bamboo, succulents and bonsai

Unique house plant pots in a large variety of colors and sizes

Gifts and home items for the kitchen including amusing dishtowels, delicious cocktail mixers, European confections and inspiring cookbooks

Home items including scented candles & diffusers, lighting, picture frames, doormats and wall décor


Unique Gifts

Mystical gifts such as a large selection of crystals, sage & smudge kits, incense, astrology items, books and tarot products

Gifts for everybody including puzzles, travel books, journals, children’s toys & books, fun socks and scarves

Jewelry featuring local artists and small independent studio artists from across the country

Bath & body products with a large selection for both men and women, featuring products made in the Denver area

Large selection of small, artisanal greeting cards for every occasion



We strive at Datura Home to be a warm and welcoming community driven shop that stimulates the senses and creates an inspiring and relaxing environment.

Datura Home prides itself for its personalized services.

We seek out the most unique, small studio made products from across the country to provide gift and home items for our clients.

We provide complimentary repotting for plants and pots purchased and complimentary gift wrap.

“Spectacular store with unique items.”
Jonah and his staff are always super helpful!
– Mike, Denver
“I love this store and every little plant they bring in.”
Whenever I am around the area I end up stopping by and perusing the wares. The plants I’ve gotten have not ever had any issues with pests, which I really appreciate.
– Sarah, Denver CO
I come here a couple times a month. Plants are always healthy! I can’t leave the store without by buying something! As it was once called Wild Flowers, now Datura Home. Datura Home is way better then the old sister store Wild Flowers! The staff is always so nice here! I feel so welcomed when I enter! PLEASE visit this place!!!!!
– Kylie, Denver
“They have cute, unique things for the home.”
Tempted to buy just about everything! My father in law got a couple gifts and my husband purchased a casserole cookbook. They have plants, towels, journals, necklaces and everything in between.
– Erica, Denver
“This place is adorable! “
Great place to get cute little gifts. The people who work there are so warm and helpful!
– Kailah, Denver
“I love this store so much”
It reminds me a lot of Earthbound and World Market with all the cute little knick knacks you can buy. Perfect store for getting unique gifts for friends and family. When I come here I want to hang out all day and buy the whole store.
– Daisy, Denver
“My go-to spot for plants, gifts…”
…Or just when I feel like I want to buy myself something fun and want to browse a store with a variety of items.
– Edgar, Denver
“Such an awesome find!”
Me and my boyfriend saw it while getting dinner near by. I can’t believe I’ve lived so close for 2 years! I wish it was easier to find on google because that’s how I search for plant shops and this doesn’t come up when I google plant stores near by. Anyways this store is really great, if maybe a tad more expensive than other plant shops. Every employee I’ve met there has been incredibly nice, helpful, and knowledgeable […]
– Kayleigh, Denver
“Wonderful selection of gifts.”
Friendly and helpful service! Love shopping here!
– Mickey, Denver
“Such an adorable little shop!”
It’s actually not a flower shop, but a home decor shop. They do sell lots of succulents, cacti and vases but it’s more focused on quirky little items from candles to wall decor to fragrances.
– Heather, Denver
“This place is amazing!”
I am visiting from Texas and need to do something during our brunch table wait. I walked in and instantly fell in love with the smell. They sell tons of flowers and plants that are adorable. Favorite part of the store was probably the magical section. The display was just beautiful.
– Veronica, Austin TX
“Such a rad store – smells amazing”
Full of really unique gifts, eclectic ambiance, great music; if you need a gift for your lady, you will absolutely find something special here. The staff are exceptionally warm and welcoming as well. Cheers!
– Ryan, Denver

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Where are you located?

  • Datura Home Central Park, in Central Park’s Eastbridge Town Center.

    10155 E 29th Dr, Denver, CO 80238

    Datura Home 9+CO, off 9th and Colorado Blvd.

    4065 E 8th Place, Denver CO 80220

  • What kind of plants do you carry?

  • We carry a large selection of houseplants including pre-planted gifts such as planted succulent gardens, bonsai gardens and lucky bamboo arrangements.

  • Do you offer online shopping and shipping?

  • Unfortunately, we do not currently offer online shopping or shipping services. We do offer to take orders over the phone for pick up or for gift certificates to be mailed.

  • Are you open holidays?

  • We currently close for the following holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years Day. We have shortened hours on other major holidays, usually closing at 4:00pm. Please call to confirm our holiday hours.

  • Do you provide gift cards?

  • Yes, we provide gift cards/certificates in any amount that can be purchased in the shop or over the phone to be picked up or mailed.

  • Do you provide classes?

  • We provide classes and workshops including our popular terrarium class.  Please email us for details on upcoming classes.